Tank Sizes

We offer a full range of custom tanks and aquariums sizes.

Please Look over our standard line, as follows:

Stock Holding Vats:

Model # Dimensions Gallons
HV-M 2″Lx28″Wx14″D 120
HV-SP 63″Lx24″Wx20″D 130
HV-CF 72″Lx28″Wx26″D 225
HV-B 72″Lx36″Wx24″D 275
HV-Dp 120″Lx28″Wx24″D 350
HV-BC 72″Lx36″Wx48″D 530
HV-Wh 10’Lx54″Wx39″D 1000
HV-AJ 8’Lx5’Wx4’6″D 1300

Stock Transport Tanks:

Model # Dimensions Gallons
Big Boy(2-C) 75″Lx49″Wx36″ D 300
Lunker 50″Lx47″Wx32″D 220
HT-1C 39″Lx27″Wx28″D 75
HT-2C 50″Lx34″Wx31″D 150

The HV-CF and HV-B can also be made with option for viewing.

Rearing Tough:

Dimensions Gallons
11ft4in long, 3ft wide, 3 ft deep 800

Custom Aquarium Sizes and Pricing upon Request.