Commercial Fish and Transport Tanks

Fiberglass Creations, Inc. offers a variety of holding tanks, transport tanks, and exhibit tanks. These tanks are used in custom zoo exhibits throughout North America.  Additional stock sizes are available.

Commercial transport Tanks Designed for safe handling of live fish:
Fish Farms
Fish Hatcheries

To minimize stress on fish when hauling them from their natural environments to a controlled environment
Smooth non-toxic gelcoated interior surface
Drains for ease of cleaning and maintenance

Please contact us for a complete listing of available tanks and to discuss any questions you might have regarding fiberglass exhibit tanks, holding tanks, or transport tanks.

Holding Tanks

The Fiberglass Creations, Inc. standard line of multi-purpose holding tanks can be utilized for quarantine, hatching, turtle tanks, work stations and filtration tanks. Any of the larger holding tanks can easily be converted into viewing aquariums.

  • Smooth gelcoated interior surface
  • Drains for Ease of Cleaning
  • Back up tanks for main exhibit
  • work stations for acclimation of fish
  • quarantine of fish
  • Hatchlings
  • turtle tanks
  • Fingerlings
  • Feeder fish
  • live bait
  • Children’s touch tanks
  • Filtration tanks
  • Observation tanks

Fiberglass support stands
Viewing windows
Any of larger stock holding tanks can easily be converted into viewing tanks

Transport Tanks

The Fiberglass Creations’ transport tanks are designed to minimize stress when transporting fish from their natural environment to a controlled environment. Our commercial transport tanks are designed for fish farms, hatcheries, zoos, museums and aquariums for the safe handling of live fish. Our small live bait boxes are suitable for fingerlings, feeder fish and live bait for receational fisherman.